New Hire Onboarding Checklist

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Studies show that structured onboarding can lower turnover and improve employee retention by up to 50%. CEDR HR Solution’s free Onboarding Checklist helps you make sure you’ve got your bases covered when welcoming a new employee.

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Structured onboarding improves employee retention by up to 50%

Get a FREE Onboarding Checklist, Developed by HR Experts

There’s an easy way to improve employee retention.

Studies show that structured onboarding—a set process for welcoming, training, and integrating new hires into your team—can lower turnover and therefore improve employee retention by up to 50%.

Your Checklist includes several onboarding areas you need to consider:

 Before the first day
 Physical orientation
 Cultural onboarding
 First day items
 First week items

Do you already emphasize good onboarding? Great, you’re ahead of the game! Use this Checklist to see if you’re missing anything. (Every little bit of onboarding improvement positively impacts your new hires.)

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