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  • LIDS BY DESIGN – Assortment Pack (4MM-7MM)

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    Lift and Revive tired, aged eyes instantly! 


    Our dermatologist-tested correcting strips are made from the highest quality of organic & medical grade materials. Each strip is Hypoallergenic and latex free and will instantly reshape heavy hooded eyelids in seconds. You simply place the strips on the eyelid for an instant transformation and a more youthful appearance. Great for everyday or on that special occasion. With up to 24-hour wear you can even sleep in them, so you wake up looking & feeling more rested.


    The Assortment Pack is a great way to explore with several different looks. Eyes are the first thing people notice, so put your best eyes forward with our instant eyelid correcting strips.

    • Heavy Hooding / Droopy Lids
    • Tired Aged Eyes
    • Excess skin laying on the lashes
    • Asymmetry
    • Loss of Collagen & Elasticity
    • Headaches due to Frontal Pressure
    • Impaired Vision
    • Loss of Motor Function
    • Ptosis
    • Dermatochalasis
    • Blepharitis
    • Pathophysiology


    Get instant, natural, beautiful results without surgery! Unlike other eye tapes; Contours Rx is a Patented design and skin like technology and prides themselves by only using the best quality materials that lab tested in the US and guaranteed to be safe for the eyes.


    Simply choose from 4 amazing lifts and discover your favorite daytime, nighttime and weekend looks. Once you determine your favorite everyday lift you can choose all 80 strips in that one size.


    The pack includes: 20 × 4mm strips (subtle), 20 × 5mm strips (casual), 20 × 6mm strips (moderate), and 20 × 7mm strips (dramatic), plus an applicator tool and carrying case to keep the strips clean and protected.

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  • PMU & Lash Disposable Face Shields

    Sold By: Advance Lashes
    • 100 Pcs Lightweight Visors: Our Visors are made of durable plastic and have a medically tested adhesive strip which is gentle on the skin.
    • Protects Brow and/or lashes after service when taking shower or
    • Suitable for both home and salon use.
    • Easy to Use: Just clean the forehead, adhere to face, just above the eyebrows and remove from face and dispose of when done.
  • Brightening Collection for Discoloration Non-HQ – Dry/Sensitive

    Sold By: AlumierMD

    AlumierMD introduces the Brightening Collection Dry/Sensitive, featuring Intellibright® Complex. This luxurious collection of home care products supports skin brightening with a selection of products to help treat discoloration, housed together in a white vegan leather cosmetic bag.

    Skin Conditions: Redness-Prone/Sensitive | Aging |Discoloration


    Skin Types: Dry Skin | Combination Skin | Oily Skin

    This Collection Contains One of Each:

    177 mL / 6 fl oz  e
    SensiCalm is a smooth, hydrating cleanser that delicately removes impurities and excess oil while calming skin.


    Intellibright® Complex 
    30 mL /1 fl oz e
    A lightweight serum that contains naturally powerful skin brightening agents that work by different mechanisms to enhance results and resistance to new pigment formation.


    Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.5
    30 mL / 1 fl oz e
    A pure potent retinol serum that dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and skin texture, while evening skin tone.


    50 mL / 1.7 fl oz e
    A rich and restorative hydrator packed with natural calming ingredients specifically formulated to relieve redness-prone and sensitive skin.


    Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40 – Untinted
    60 mL / 2 fl oz e
    A sheer physical sunscreen that provides powerful broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

  • hMSC Travel/Trial His

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    10 ml’s each of:

    1. SERUM

    2. AMPLIFY

  • hMSC Travel/Trial Hers

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    10 ml’s each of:

    1. SERUM

    2. AMPLIFY

    3. BOOST

  • NowMi Pro Sonic Cleanser/Oxygenator with FREE hMSC Trial Serum

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    Daily  Sonic Silicone Cleanser on one side

    Weekly Oxygenation CO2 Vitamin C Effervescent Infusion on the other side.


    Throughout the treatment, the NowMi Pro device emits 6,000 sonic  pulsations per minute. This sound energy significantly enhances the treatment’s effectiveness and boosts each one of its actions.


    Provides: Daily Cleansing

    1. Skin Exfoliation

    2. Nourishment

    3. Oxygenation, Micro Circulation from within the skin (Bohr Effect)

    4. Protection

  • NowMi Pro Refill Kit

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare
    • How it works:

      Brought to you by the Inventor of TriPollar®, LHE®, Thermicon®, TriLipo® TriFractional®, OxyGeneo®


      The at home NowMi facial treatments are performed with the effervescent tablet which contains Vitamin C and lubricant gel that contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. When Vitamin C comes in contact with Hyaluronic Acid on the skin it produces Co2 Bubbles. It is those Co2 Bubbles that induce the body to send oxygen-rich blood to the surface, this is called oxygenation, (via Bohr Effect), which maximizes the absorption of nutrients & micro circulation.


      After just 5-10 minutes of your weekly NowMi Pro facial you will see immediate results: Glowing, Revitalized, and Firm Skin, Tightened Pores, and Even Skin Tone and Texture.

  • Contours Rx 60 Piece Ultimate Starter Kit

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    The 60 Piece Ultimate Starter Kit includes: 

    • 2-tiered acrylic display which holds 18 boxes of LIDS BY DESIGN
    • 24 LIDS BY DESIGN retail units (80 strips each) :
      4MM (3)
      5MM (3)
      6MM (3)
      7MM (3)
      8MM (3)
      AMMU (3)
    • (6) Additional backstock units of LIDS BY DESIGN
    • (12) Stainless Steel 3inch Tweezers
    • (12) COLORSET All-in-One-Pencil
    • (12) Eyelid Prep Pads (30 pads/each)
    • 1 Acrylic Consultation Kit that includes 960 strips (all sizes) for sizing and add on service for your patients
    • Physical and Digital Marketing Materials
    • Free training for you and your staff!
  • Contours Rx 18 Piece Starter Kit

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    The 18 Piece Starter Kit Includes:

    • 3-tiered acrylic display piece which holds 18 boxes of LIDS BY DESIGN
    • 18 LIDS BY DESIGN retail units (80 strips each) :
      4MM (3)
      5MM (3)
      6MM (3)
      7MM (3)
      8MM (3)
      AMMU (3)
    • 1 Acrylic Consultation Kit that includes 960 strips (all sizes) for sizing and add on service for your patients
    • Physical and Digital Marketing Materials
    • Free training for you and your staff!
  • Signature Collection

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    Cleanse – Exfoliate – Lift – Shape – Refresh


    This collection provides everything you need to be successful with LIDS BY DESIGN placement at home or on the go! With plenty of exciting extras this Signature Collection comes with our top selling sizes of LIDS BY DESIGN correcting strips. Create a more youthful appearance in seconds!

    • Crystal Compact Mirror – 2X magnification
    • 80 Correcting Strips of our most popular selling sizes – (20 strips of each 4mm-7mm)
    • German Stainless-Steel Precision 3” Tweezer – Lifetime Warranty!
    • 5 B5 Prep Pads – Safely exfoliates dead skin cells on the eyelid for better hygiene and perfect transparency


    $62 Value!

    Save 8% OFF Your Purchase of 6 or More!*

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  • Microcrystal Patch

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    Plump – Fill – Hydrate – Nourish – Soften – Reduce


    Contours Rx Microcrystal Patches contain hundreds of needle-like crystals made of Hyaluronic Acid and HexaPeptides to treat wrinkles, increase collagen, improve elasticity and hydrate the skin. Each patch allows the HA and HexaPeptide 8 formula to focus on the area being treated. We have created a unique delivery system using a needle-like cone-shaped crystal that penetrates the top layer of skin to allow active ingredients to be delivered at the dermis layer; filling wrinkles at the source. This is the latest, non-invasive, at home way to treat wrinkles, increase collagen production, improve the elasticity and hydrate the skin. Gentle and painless as they dissolve overtime on the treated area while you sleep. No more dermarollers or at home microneeling machines! These can have dull needles that can damage the skin and be filled with bacteria.


    Save 50% OFF Your Purchase of 6 or More 4 Pack Microcrystal Patches!*

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    Sold By: Contours Rx

    Microcrystal Patch

    $15.00$55.00 Select options
  • Cosmetic Bag

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    Our beautiful Cosmetic Bag is ideal for everyday as well as perfect for travel. Carry all your favorite Contours Rx products in this sleek, beautiful colored, stain-resistant bag so you can be ready for a lifted, brighter eye anytime of day or night!.


    Save 50% OFF Your Purchase of 6 or More!*

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  • B5 Eyelid Prep Pads

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    Cleanse – Exfoliate – Hydrate – Nourish – Brighten – Revive


    The perfect Eyelid Prep Pad is finally here! This product is safe to use every day for overall eye health and daily hygiene. The B5 prep pads work wonders to prepare your eyes for LIDS BY DESIGN correcting strips! B5 Eyelid Prep Pads have a gentle exfoliating texture to capture dirt, oil, and dead skin in its fabric. Take away the matter that comes in between LIDS BY DESIGN and the eyelid so you can experience optimal transparency and now re-position the same strip if needed!  

    •Gently exfoliates and cleans
    •Removes dirt, oils, and dead skin cells
    •Restorative vitamin B5
    •Oil-free moisturizing elements
    •Coconut-derived cleaning agent
    •Prepares the skin for LIDS BY DESIGN

    Benefits of using B5 and Coco-Glucoside on the eyelid: 



    •Dead skin cells
    •New skin cell turnover
    •Overall eye health
    •Chronic eye conditions

    Save 50% OFF Your Purchase of 6 or More 30-Pack B5 Eyelid Prep Pads!*

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  • Dermal Blades (3-Pack)

    Sold By: Contours Rx
    No more waxing! Remove – Trim – Shape with our Stainless Steal Dermal Blade
    Our Dermal Blade is a great way to remove unwanted facial hair. Each Pack comes with 3 reusable blades and is suitable for men and women. This easy-to-use tool features a durable stainless-steel blade that effortlessly and comfortably removes hairs. The portable, fold-up design is ideal for grooming fuzzy facial hair on the upper lip, chin, sides, and around the brow area. The Contours Rx Touch-up Tool can even be used on the bikini line, legs, arms, knuckles and back of the neck. Not only great for hair removal but can gently exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells to allow better make-up application. Each blade lasts up to three months.

    Save 50% OFF Your Purchase of 6 or More!*

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  • Kabuki Brush

    Sold By: Colorescience

    This ultra-soft, synthetic bristle Kabuki brush allows you to achieve buildable medium to full coverage for a customizable, beautiful look. The Kabuki brush is an essential component of the modern makeup collection; this versatile tool can be used to apply loose and pressed mineral foundations, and also serves as a wonderful bronzer and blush applicator. The soft bristles can grab and blend color, providing even coverage for a flawless finish.


  • Brush Cleaning Wipes

    Sold By: Colorescience

    Citrus oil-infused brush cleaning wipes are specially formulated to clean and remove mineral residue and makeup to extend brush use, enabling optimal flow for Colorescience Sunforgettable Brushes and Loose Mineral Foundation brushes.

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