22 Gauge 70 mm (2.75 inch) Microcannulas


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With its wider gauge and lengthy tip, this microcannula provides you with the range to cover larger treatment areas around your patient’s face and body. When you can minimize the number of punctures needed to achieve quality results, you can improve your patient’s experience and your treatment process.


FACE Med Store offers disposable microcannulas with a wider 22 gauge and a lengthy cannula tip. Our high-quality microcannulas feature a lengthy and flexible surgical-grade stainless steel tip that can reach areas within a 2.75-inch radius from the puncture hole. With its size and length, it’s ideal for treatments like Brazilian butt lifts that use less viscous injectables like autologous fat and hyaluronic acid while filling up larger areas like your buttocks.


Our microcannulas allow you to provide fast, safe, and visually pleasing results that can impress your clients. By switching from traditional injection treatments to the microcannula technique, you can minimize the puncturing necessary to administer treatment. You can also minimize several side effects like bruising, bleeding, and inflammation as the risk of damaging blood vessels, nerves, and other skin tissue is much lower.


This microcannula size and length can be ordered in 1 box of 20 sterile, individually-packed units. Choose this for your larger treatments that use less viscous injectables and need to reach larger treatment areas around your patient’s body.


At FACE Med Store, we also offer microcannulas in different gauges and needle lengths that can affect the quality of treatment you provide. Choose from our range of microcannulas that can handle the viscosity of your injectables and the range needed for your treatment. If you’re unsure about which size or length is best for your aesthetic practice, contact FACE Med Store for customer support.



Comes with a pilot needle.



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Features of FACE Med Store’s Microcannulas
  • Flexible microcannula tip. The blunt cannula tip measures 70mm, providing you with the extensive range needed for cosmetic fillers for larger treatment areas, including your butt, hands, and other areas. For best results and your client’s comfort, choose flexible microcannula tips that are less prone to bending or denting the steel, as these can cause discomfort and provide an uneven flow.
  • Luer lock compatible. Each microcannula unit has a female plastic hub that’s compatible with any syringe that uses a male Luer lock tip. To attach the two, simply push the female hub into the male tip and then screw to secure. Luer lock syringes are more secure and reduce the risk of detaching during treatment.
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel. Our microcannulas are made with top-quality stainless steel. Each tip is sterile, corrosion-resistant, and durable. This makes it safe and easy to use for administering injectables into several areas in one treatment.
Benefits of Our Microcannulas
  • Provide better treatment. Because of its larger gauge and 70mm tip, this blunt tip microcannula is better for less viscous injectables like autologous fat, hyaluronic acids, and other gel-like substances. The size of the gauge can provide a safe and consistent flow without the risk of cannula tip bending during treatment. This allows you to administer filler faster while still minimizing punctures in large treatment areas.
  • Better patient experience. Give your patients a good experience and a reason to come back to your practice. By minimizing the risks of pain, discomfort, bleeding, bruising, inflammation, and other side effects associated with filler injection treatments, you show that you prioritize their comfort and safety. Microcannulas with this length have better reach and need only one puncture hole to fill in large areas.
  • Great value for your practice’s operating costs. Our microcannula products are 40% less compared to other microcannulas of the same quality sold elsewhere. Lower your operating costs without sacrificing quality, performance, and client satisfaction with great deals and discounts exclusive to FACE Med Store.
Using Microcannulas

Use a sharp needle or syringe that’s slightly bigger than your microcannula’s gauge to puncture a hole in the sterilized treatment area. Insert the needle just past the dermis layer and move it in a gentle side-to-side motion to expand the puncture hole. Avoid performing deep injections or moving the needle in and out as these can promote bruising.

Remove the cannula tip from its packaging and attach it to a compatible syringe filled with your dermal filler or any injectable substance for cosmetic treatments. For this gauge, you can use less viscous liquids and gels. Remove the cap and, using the puncture hole, insert the microcannula under the skin and use its length and flexibility to reach areas around the hole. Unlike injections that can break a blood vessel, the blunt tip of a cannula glides past it.

Once your treatment is finished, recap the microcannula and dispose of it and the used needle in a specific disposal container along with other sharp disposable medical devices. Dispose of these according to your local guidelines.

Contact FACE Med Store for inquiries and customer support.

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