Patreon: Erika Barry, NP-C, MSN

Sold By: Injector's Club

Welcome to the Bunny Patreon Team! Where we ALWAYS support each other, we never talk negatively about other injectors (even when they are mean), and we always work harder than anyone else (because our patient’s deserve the best).

SAFETY IS ALWAYS NUMBER ONE, above everything!

My goal is to help support your trainings on Botox/neurotoxin techniques (Daxxi, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin- all brands of neurotoxin), dermal filler techniques, morpheus, and other device training to improve your aesthetic modalities.

Along with specific technique training videos, I also want to show you what has made me successful in the aesthetics/injecting/training space- with business, social media, inspirational, and just what I like to say “the sharing bar”.

Gone are the days of hiding what makes plastic surgeons, top injectors, and successful business men and women… well successful. The more successful you become… the more successful I become.

Those are the words I live by… in saying that, please remember, these are my opinions and ARE NOT THE BIBLE. you will want to take multiple courses, with multiple provides, to have a well-rounded education.

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