Exel Hypodermic Needles, Sterile, Single-Use 100/box

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Hypodermic needles are used to inject substances under the skin or into a body cavity. They are made of a sharp, hollow tube of steel, aluminum, or plastic, with a sharp point on one end and a small opening at the other end. When the point is inserted into the skin, the opening is placed over the vein, and the substance is injected by pushing down on the plunger.

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  • High visibilty cannula for maximum patient comfort during use.
  • Seamless persistence of performance to ensure a safe and consistent injection process.
  • Effectively prevent metabolic abnormalities and prevent cross contamination with infection control sheet included in the stylet.
  • Exceptionally low failure rate due to their precision manufacture.
  • Individually blister packaged and gamma-irradiated to ensure absolute sterility.
  • Ultra sharp hollow needle which reduces trauma to skin tissue, allowing a smoother injection experience.
  • Smaller internal diameter maximising needle head and suture strength reducing the possibility of needle breakage.
  • Fearless piercing Property, tirpods needles facilitate a consistently smooth elective canvas.
  • Flawless Sterilization of large batches of needles, resulting in safe reuse for aesthetics purposes and hackless necessities.
  • One Time Use: Single-use insulation reduces patient contact with infections which maximizes safety.


  • Sterile, Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Needles and boxes are color-coded for easy identification
  • Each needle is individually packaged, sterilized and ready for use
  • This product does not contain Natural Rubber Latex

What Are Hypodermic Needles?

A hypodermic needle (from Greek ὑπο- (under-) and δέρμα (skin)), also called a syringe, is a medical instrument used to inject substances into or withdraw fluids from the body. It is a slender, hollow tube with a sharp at one end and a blunt at the other. A hypodermic needle is inserted into the body part to be treated, most often a vein in the arm, and a plunger is pushed forward to inject the substance or to withdraw blood.

Hypodermic Needles are a useful and largely popular tool used in a variety of medical procedures. A Hypodermic Needle is a thin, hollow tube with a sharp point at one end that is used to inject substances into the body or withdraw fluids. Hypodermic Needles are commonly used to inject medication, such as antibiotics and vaccinations, into the body. Hypodermic Needles are also used to extract fluids, s

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Exel Hypodermic Needles, Sterile, Single-Use 100/box

$7.99 $7.59

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