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    Solomomo is a tech-powered beauty brand and Skincare Platform that uses a lightweight, portable, and affordable Wand to capture data about the skin to help people understand their skin and invest in the products and treatments that will work best for them. Modern and transparent, Solomomo gives people personalized, AI-powered data and recommendations that they own and can take anywhere.

    Clients experience the results of their skincare investment in an entirely new way, feeling informed and savvy. Most importantly, they can’t wait to see new data post-treatment and product use, creating a flywheel of repeat engagement and sales for your business.


    Bring the Solomomo solution to your med-spa today. The Solomomo Skincare platform is a package that includes both a Wand and the data analytics. 

    1. Arm your team with data to boost engagement with treatments and products
    2. Increase recurring visits to measure change and optimize outcomes based on insights
    3. Increase revenue

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