Warmers Essentials


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    A Single Cabinet Salon Towel Warmer for Small or Home Salons


    The Dermalogic Salon Towel Warmer Single is a compact salon towel warmer that accommodates up to 15-24 towels.  Built-in automatic thermostat makes for constant temperature around 176°F to 185°F and prevents overheating. This compact unit help to keep your nail, hair, or spa salon customers happy with consistently warm towels. This unit is designed to look sleek and fit in seamlessly with any salon environment. If you’re looking for a larger capacity towel warmer, just check out the Double. 


    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    The Dermalogic Stone Heater 6 Quart heats your spa’s massage stones to just the right temperature for the skin. It is created specially for our Polish Stone Sets, with a 6-quart capacity. You fill the bowl with cold water, place the stones inside the heater, put on the lid and the double steel pan keeps the stones evenly heated with no heat loss. Clear buttons make this heater easy to set to the ideal temperature. For small spas or sporadic stone massage appointments, choose the small 6-quart stone heater.

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