Silver Sprayer

  • Continuous Spray Bottle by Keen Essentials

    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    KEEN Continuous Spray Bottle (10oz/300ml)

    The continuous mist from this bottle will awe you !

    Pull the trigger a few times and then 1 pull will allow you to receive a full 3 second mist. The 360 degree use makes this perfect for hair, face, plants, and anything you normally use a mister for. The silver top and silver matte bottom is attractive for any styling station or any room in your home. You will never run out of water with the clear bottom, as you can see when it is refill time!


    Step 1: Pump the trigger 3 times

    Step 2: Enjoy your full 3 second mist


    All Direction 360-Degree Spraying: continuous spray upside down and sideways

    Trigger Holder Included

    Professional suggestion: the mister is for water use only.

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