Shiatsulogic Full Function Massage


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    A Pedicure Spa Chair Designed to Spoil your Clients


    Provide the ultimate spa experience with our lavish leather pedicure chair, featuring a silent massaging function with 6 soothing settings. The durable resin basin has powerful built-in whirlpool jets to extend the relaxing experience to the feet.


    Offering optimum comfort and functionality, there are foldable hand trays complete with cup holders that you can offer manicure services to your client at the same time, while the innovative built-in remote on one of the armrests make it convenient for the client to customize their massage. This pedicure spa chair has been made to last; combining superior craftsmanship with flawless finishes — Take your salon to another level of luxury. 


    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    A Pedicure Chair that Features both Elegance and Beauty


    The name “Fior” means to blossom and was chosen for this pedicure chair as it imparts feelings rebirth and purity to the customers that use it. The base design flows elegantly like a wave and is instantly recognizable. 

    The Fior II ensures the full pedicure spa experience by using cutting edge Shiatsulogic massage technology to accomplish relief and lasting comfort. This Pedicure spa chair comes equipped with all of the most popular features that nail salons request such as:


    • Shiatsulogic Full Function Massage Chair with back and seat massage
    • A Quieter Massage: A 24V DC Noise Canceling Massage Technology system  provides clients the most relaxing and professional pedicure experience
    • Remote with a flexible rod that allows the customer to easily grasp and adjust chair settings directly
    • Power Seat Adjustment – Forward, Backwards, Recline
    • Acetone Resistant Cherrywood look Armrests with folding hand trays/cup holders
    • Wide Variety of Chair Colors like Black, Cappuccino, Copper, Chocolate, Grey, and White

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