• Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Pump

    Kills 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness

  • D·E·J Night Face Cream® 1.7 oz

    D·E·J Night Face Cream® is an intensive nighttime moisturizer that features a unique combination of time-released 0.25% Retinol and plant-based Bakuchiol in a hydrating, antioxidant-rich formula that minimizes irritation and can be used on all skin types to rejuvenate and reveal new, younger-looking skin overnight.


    • Utilizes a unique blend of Retinol and plant-based Bakuchiol to reveal new, younger-looking skin while you sleep.
    • Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Helps to visibly improve the elasticity of sagging skin.
    • Visibly corrects overall photodamage and shields against further environmental damage.
    • Visibly improves skin texture and the appearance of
    • Promotes a healthy Microbiome with Prebiotic and Postbiotic Innovation.
    • 1.7 oz / 48 g with pump


    Who Benefits? All Skin Types.

  • C+ Correcting Complex 30%® 1 fl oz

    Combat + Correct with the Power of Plus.


    C+ Correcting Complex 30%® – Reveal a brilliant glow, a more even skin tone and a more youthful appearance. Infused with our patent-pending MelaPATH® technology that illuminates, refines, and rejuvenates, C+ Correcting Complex 30%® defends and corrects the skin-damaging effects of free radicals generated by Urban Dust and High Energy Visible light (HEV or blue light).


    • Helps to support the skin’s natural production of Vitamins C and E
    • Delivers the next generation of Vitamin C – correcting existing damage and defending your skin for the future
    • Supports the skin’s Microbiome with prebiotic technology
    • Non-comedogenic
    • 1 FL OZ | 30 mL w/pump 

    87% of users reported visibly brighter skin*

    94% of users reported an improvement in the evenness of skin tone*

    84% of users reported visibly firmer skin*

    90% of users reported an improvement in overall skin appearance*


    *Based on results of a self-assessment questionnaire given to 31 women, ages 38-60, after 12 weeks of directed use, two times daily. Data on file. Results may vary.


    Who benefits?  All skin types. Ideal for those with dry, oily or combination skin types.


  • Hydrating Serum 1 fl oz

    Features two forms of Hyaluronic Acid plus a blend of powerful natural fruit extracts, antioxidants and a peptide leaving skin with a smooth, refreshed appearance. The ultra-light texture absorbs instantly without leaving skin feeling greasy.


    • Provides short- and long-term moisturization
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Keeps skin uniformly hydrated.
    • Alleviates tightness and moisturizes without leaving skin feeling sticky
    • Can be used under moisturizer for added hydration
    • 1 FL OZ | 30 mL w/pump 


    Who benefits?  All skin types.  Ideal for those with dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin types.


  • Retinol Complete® 0.5

    Award-winning, revolutionary facial serum to brighten and smooth skin’s texture with the power of five antioxidants and a proprietary blend of botanical extracts that boosts the effectiveness of Retinol while providing long-term hydration.


    • Brightens, plumps and smooths skin’s texture
    • Contains time-released Retinol for maximum efficacy with minimal irritation
    • Boosts skin’s hydration level to help combat the dryness associated with Retinol
    • Available in two strengths based on skin’s tolerability
    • 1 FL OZ | 30 mL w/pump


    100% of clinical study participants showed an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and radiance*


    90% of clinical study participants showed an improvement in the appearance of overall photo-damage and tactile smoothness*


    93% of clinical study participants felt skin tone appeared more even, radiant and brighter*


    86% of clinical study participants showed an improvement in the appearance of firmness and wrinkles*


    *After 12 weeks. Retinol Complete® 0.5 used once daily in PM in combination with Vitamin C Lotion 30% used once daily in AM. Data on file. Results may vary.


    Who benefits?  All skin types. Ideal for those with oily or combination skin types.

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