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  • Terrell Universal Salon Stool by Berkeley

    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    A Simple and Useable Designed Rolling Salon Stool


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    If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-maneuver salon stool to use during facials, choose theĀ Terrell Salon Stool. Since this stool can adjust from 19 to 25 inches, you can comfortably sit next to your client on a facial bed whether the person is lying down or sitting up. The padded cushion helps you maintain your comfort level while you’re performing a facial and its acetone-resistant vinyl cover will guard against stains. The five-wheel castors provide stability and help you easily slide from your supplies to your client’s side. Without a back or armrests, you can easily roll this stool under a table and out of the way. Choose your salon stool in black for a classic, understated style or stark white for a modern, fresh look.

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