Pencil Primer

  • COLORSET All-In-One Pencil

    Sold By: Contours Rx

    Brighten – Highlight – Prime – Contour – Conceal 


    This luxurious cream-based formula is a neutral toned primer that glides on effortlessly, creating a smooth canvas for optimal eye shadow application while diminishing the appearance of uneven skin tones and doubles as a highlighter around the eyes and other parts of the face.


    •Creates a smooth canvas for optimal eye shadow application
    •The lightweight formula helps diminish the appearance of uneven skin tones
    •Contains elements that help enhance the full color of eye shadow pigments
    •Contains Coco-glycerides, a coconut-derived emulsifier and skin conditioning agent
    •Hydrating formula, easily spreadable
    •Gluten-Free & Vegan
    •Product won’t dry out
    •Precise and controlled application
    •Formulated without Parabens
    •No mineral oils
    COLORSET is also the best primer to use with your LIDS BY DESIGN strips! Shadows being placed on the skin can take differently to the strip. Apply COLORSET over your strips and eyelid creating one smooth surface so your makeup adheres more evenly and vibrantly. This also primes the strip so shadows will adhere as the strips are not the same texture as our skin.

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