luxurious massage treatments

  • Waiting Room Promotions™: Massage

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop


    Boost your profits by booking more appointments. In this looping promotional video for your waiting room, clients will learn about an array of luxurious massage treatments and their benefits, with encouragement to “inquire today about the massage that is right for you”. Massage treatments include Swedish Massage, Stone Massage, Reflexology, Couples Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Add-On Massage. Part of Aesthetic VideoSource’s Waiting Room Promotions series, this beautifully filmed, detailed footage shows clients receiving these treatments. Soft harp music plays in the background and a professional voice-over intermittently describes the benefits. The promotion runs 16 minutes, looping indefinitely. Just pop it in to play all day and upsell your services. (16 Mins., Looping)

    Received 2008 Bronze Telly Award; Series featured in Day Spa, Mar. 2008


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