• BLT Skin Cream 20 – 4 – 1% Strength Benzocaine / Lidocaine / Tetracaine Cream 1 oz.

    OTC, no license required!

    BLT Skin Cream Topical Anesthetic with Benzocaine 20%, Lidocaine 4%, and Tetracaine 1% is a superior topical anesthetic designed for providing fast, strong, and prolonged numbness to the skin. It is a safe, fast-acting, and effective anesthetic capable of avoiding disappointment due to diminished results within a short time. The combination of the potent topical anaesthetic agents in this topical cream blend work faster and stronger to reduce or even inhibit sensations on the skin that would normally trigger pain, enable procedures to be carried out with comfort. This distinctive cream blend distributes quality oxybuprocaine numbing beneath epidermal tissue effectively alleviating any discomfort to ease possibly stressful medical treatment. The remarkable targeted formulation offers reliable maximum relief to advance both professional and personal skin-exclusive care practice. BLT numbing cream is a strong topical anesthetic commonly used during minor cosmetic procedures, laser therapies, as a pre-injection topical, and a wide variety of other applications.

    • Benzocaine 20%
    • Lidocaine 4%
    • Tetracaine 1%

    Benzocaine – One of the most prevalent anesthetics used in medicine today. Benzocaine works by inhibiting voltage-dependent sodium channels on neuron membranes. It has a very fast onset and is generally well-tolerated, making it popular for a variety of applications.Lidocaine – A commonly used topical anesthetic that was discovered in the 1940’s.

    Lidocaine works by blocking sodium channels which, when used topically, prohibits local neurons from signaling the brain. When applied directly to the skin, Lidocaine has an onset of approximately 4 minutes.

    Tetracaine – A longer acting anesthetic which works by changing the function of ryanodine receptors that control the release of intracellular calcium. Onset time is typically longer than either Benzocaine or Lidocaine when applied topically.


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