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  • 22 Gauge 100 mm (4 inch) Microcannulas

    Sold By: FACE Med Store

    More men and women are looking to improve the overall appearance of their bodies by enhancing the way their butt looks. With squats and quads capable of doing only so much to improve the roundness and shape of their booty, you can bet that many will be looking for aesthetic treatments that can provide stunning results that enhance their figure.


    By switching from your traditional needle injections to FACE Med Store’s microcannulas, you can improve your results and your patient’s experience. With its wide 22 gauge and lengthy tip, this microcannula model is best for butt augmentation treatments that use less viscous dermal fillers like autologous fat. The wide hole of the microcannula can ensure an even flow and application, while the long tip provides you with wider reach and movement to cover more areas with fewer punctures to your patient’s skin.


    Microcannulas minimize the number of times you have to puncture your patients’ skin during dermal filler treatments. With its 4-inch tip, you can fill out large areas with ease without the need for multiple injections. This minimizes the skin trauma as well as the risk of damaging skin tissue, nerves, and blood vessels, which can also reduce the risk of side effects like pain, bleeding, bruising, and inflammation.


    Each box of microcannulas has 20 sterilized and individually-wrapped units. With its wide gauge and long tip, this model is best for butt augmentation as well as other aesthetic treatments that need large volumes and use less viscous substances. For microcannula products with smaller gauges and lengths, check out our other microcannula products to find one that suits your needs. If you’re unsure about which gauge or unit length is best for your services, contact FACE Med Store for customer support.


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