• Liftie Aspirator

    Sold By: LIFTIE Aspirator

    The worlds first patented disposable aspirating tool for any brand of filler!

    Liftie Aspirator sets the standard for excellence, accommodating all filler brands with ease. Created for maximum comfort and hygiene, Liftie features adjustable closures, optional adhesive tabs, and soft medical-grade foam padding. Individually sealed for each patient, it ensures uncompromising cleanliness.Plus, each aspirator can be reused up to 5 times, offering exceptional value. With seamless performance until the very last push of the syringe, Liftie minimizes injector fatigue thanks to the technique focused design.

    Disposable is the gold standard for patient safety, accuracy, and professionalism. This tool should be in every injectors hands, whether you are a beginner or advanced. Knowing your anatomy is just not enough to protect your patients from potential complications.

    Why deal with a complication, when you can prevent one?

    Continue satisfying your patients the safest way with Liftie Aspirator. The ultimate solution for injector and patient safety and comfort.

  • 9-Vial Botox Storage ToxTray

    9-Vial Botox Storage ToxTray – A Must-Have Accessory for Every Aesthetic Injector ūüíČūüĆü

  • Botox Syringe Aspirator Control Ring – 10 Pack

    Sold By: KA Ring Designs

    ** To experience the product as intended, we currently recommend them for EasyTouch and CareTouch brand TB Syringes.¬† Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure of your syringes’ fit.

    The most aesthetically pleasing solution for patient safety! Our rings provide a simple and seamless addition to your injecting workflow with improved ergonomics and stability while injecting and aspirating.

    The KA-Ring experience will provide you complete functionality without compromising aesthetics.  The KA Ring features:

    1. Secure fit.¬†No more fidgeting with loose alternatives that won’t stay in place.

    2. Minimalist design. Low-profile, ergonomic, and streamlined.

    3. Simple.¬†One step attachment.¬† Click it on, and you’re done.¬†

    4. Aesthetically Pleasing. You AND your patient are going to love the way it looks!

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