high-speed vertical movement

  • Dr. Pen M8 plus 10-16 pin needles

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    PEN Ultima M8

    The Dr. Pen M8 Skincare Kit is your answer to your skin’s wishes! The Dr. Pen M8 kit features a digital LED display to show you which speed you’re working on (6 speed levels) and has a BUILT IN battery! No mess, just charge and GO.


    This microneedling pen is great for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their skin and get more youthful looking skin with just a few treatments a week. A needle tip that has an arc flattens uneven surfaces, so it’s easier to get deep penetration than traditional needles.


    The pen has 6 speed settings so you can customize it to fit your needs.


    The Dr. Pen M8 microneedling pen uses high-speed vertical movement to quickly treat the skin without bending or dragging, which can lead to faster healing.


    The needle gauge on the Dr. Pen M8 is ultra thin, so it’s perfect for delicate skin. In addition to being lightweight, Dr. Pen M8 needles are easy to maneuver and don’t cause discomfort during use.


    Dr. Pen M8 is an innovative device that moisturizes the skin and flattens uneven skin surfaces with less trauma and more efficiency. It has an arc edge design that reduces friction on the skin surface and makes it more comfortable to use.


    The needles can be used easily without risk of bending, so you have full control over where you target your treatment.


    (or use wired with the power cord provided).


    The Dr. Pen M8 kit will help with the appearance of skin, giving you a visibly smoother look and feel; resulting in overall beautiful skin. Confidence: unlocked!


    ARE YOU READY to have smoother, softer skin? Now you can, and in the comfort of your own home, what’s better than that?


    The Dr. Pen M8 will help you achieve your skin goals by assisting in skin’s exfoliation; smoother, luminous skin is on the way!


    Pin lengths can be adjusted from 0.25mm to 2.5mm maximum


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