High-grade silicone-coated needles

  • 0.5 cc Ultra Fine Syringe 31 gauge – Box of 100 (True Plus)

    Sold By: FACE Med Store

    Insulin syringes are a must-have in medical centers and in the homes of those with diabetes. TRUEplus Single-Use Insulin Syringes are affordable and reliable syringes that provide a safe and efficient solution to administering insulin. This can safely be used by medical professionals administering insulin, as well as patients themselves or their caregivers who are properly trained to give insulin.


    Each box of TRUEplus Insulin Syringes offers a safe and sterile way to give diabetes patients the insulin shots they need every day. With 100 syringes per box, you can get better savings stocking up the supplies you need when you purchase your syringes from FACE Med Store.


    FACE Med Store also offers other insulin syringes with different brands and insulin capacities. Use the syringe with the correct insulin capacity needed per shot to maintain your blood sugar control. If you’re a patient or a caregiver and aren’t sure about which syringe and insulin capacity to choose, contact your medical provider or send us a message, and the FACE Med Store team can provide you with customer service.

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