Easy to Use

  • IV Pole

    The improved Pitch-It IV Pole is perfect for IV therapy in the home or in a healthcare setting. It is cost-effective, portable, adjustable, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use.


    The Pitch-It IV Pole is ready for use in just seconds with an innovative tripod design. The Pitch-It IV Pole eliminates the retrieval, cleaning, bagging, and tagging of old IV poles with a unique recyclable design.


    Simply use and pitch the pole when therapy is completed. No assembly required, and shipping costs are much lower than traditional IV poles

  • Infrared Digital Thermometer

    Features & Benefits
    Fast Measurement
    Fever Warning
    Low Battery Indicator (Batteries Included)
    Automatic Shut Off
    32 Most Recent Results
    Accurate and Easy to Use


    The Infrared Thermometer offers an attractive and reliable way to take body temperature measurements from the forehead.


    The non-contact, compact, one-button design makes operation safe, convenient, and simple.




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