Dimensions: 100"(L) x 17"(W) x 30.5"(H)


    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    A White and Grey Large Triple Manicure Nail Table


    A more economical solution to buying two singles, we have extended the NOVA | Manicure Table even further to allow up to three technicians to work their magic simultaneously. Great for larger spaces and businesses that are looking to expand, the triple manicure table features the same luxurious marble countertop and sumptuously padded wrist rest features as the double, comfortably seating 3 clients while your technicians work their magic.

    Like the rest of the NOVA I Manicure Table collection, the multiple storage compartments offer plenty of space for essential tools and products, while the easy-to-clean, resistant surface means there’s no need to worry about acetone spillages. Adding class and function to your salon, the solid frame is made to last and expertly crafted from premium quality wood that won’t be weathered by seasonal temperature changes or repetitive use. An elegant addition to any salon, upgrade your table and increase client capacity to provide efficient and speedy service.


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