• Men’s Facial Techniques

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    Rita Page, an award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, demonstrates a complete professional facial tailored specifically for male clients using a combination of an 8-in-1 facial equipment machine and traditional techniques. Rita begins with a client consultation (including questions about shaving habits) and a skin analysis using a magnifying lamp, Wood’s lamp, and skin scope. She then illustrates the proper use of a steamer (with and without ozone), galvanic current, high frequency current, rotary brush, and Lucas spray, in conjunction with deep pore cleansing, exfoliation (with gommage), desincrustation, extractions, ampoules, and treatment masks. Rita offers valuable information on each procedure she performs. She also highlights the personal touch throughout, incorporating an extensive facial massage, aromatherapy, and hot towel wrap to ensure relaxation and enhance a client’s experience. She concludes with a post-treatment consultation. (2 Hrs. 18 Mins.)

    Received 2007 Silver Davey Award; Featured on American Spa’s Blog, Sept. 2011; Worth a Look in Dermascope, Jan. 2011; Featured in Northwest, California, Colorado, and Ohio Stylist & Salon, May 2006; Reviewed in Dermascope, Oct. 2005




  • European Facials, Vol. 2

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop


    Award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, Rita Page, demonstrates the steps of a thorough European facial. Part of a comprehensive three-part series, Vol. 2 continues the facial begun in Vol. 1. Rita delves into exfoliation (with an enzyme); desincrustation; an extensive essential oil massage on the neck, shoulder, décolleté, and upper arms; extractions (with cotton and extractor); treatment ampoule and cream application; and a product-penetrating facial massage. Massage, an important component of a European facial, is used for application of product as well as a luxurious treatment that completes the spa experience. (1 Hr. 36 Mins.)

    Received 2007 Silver Davey Award; Received 2006 Silver Summit Award; Featured in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, Jan. 2007




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