Cold Therapy

  • Covidien Uni-Patch Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack

    48 Packs to a Case


    Durable construction for repeated use.  Formulated with non-toxic and non-caustic ingredients.
    Cold Therapy: Store in the freezer
    Heat Therapy: CAREFULLY heat in hot water or microwave.  Please follow the instructions.
    Thick and flexible premium gel remains conformable at all temperatures.
    Temperature Duration: 20 minutes.



  • Sub-Z

    A new class of electric cryo technology for advanced aesthetic applications

    Sub-Z is a new class of electric cryo technology, designed by Zimmer exclusively for Cartessa, for advanced aesthetic applications. The ideal cryo solution is one that can reach and maintain a precise temperature quickly without the dangers and cost of tank-based cryogen. Therefore, Zimmer, the leading manufacturer in cold therapy technology, engineered Sub-Z to be more powerful and faster without the safety, environmental and cost concerns associated with the use of cryogen gas. Providers can adjust Sub-Z’s fan speeds and target precise temperatures to customize and improve patient experiences.


    By Zimmer MedizinSystems


    Applications of the Sub-Z:


    • Minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments
    • Temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections

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