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  • 27 Gauge 38 mm (1.5 inch) Microcannulas

    Sold By: FACE Med Store

    Dermal filler treatments are a popular alternative to cosmetic surgical procedures. Instead of going for facelifts or rhinoplasty, more patients opt for the convenient and instant effects that dermal fillers can do to reshape, contour, and enhance their facial features. But to provide your clients with a service that delivers the best results with the least amount of pain, you should skip the traditional hypodermic needles and use the latest tools in aesthetic treatments.


    FACE Med Store’s microcannulas can help you deliver the best results, minimize pain, and improve the way you perform dermal filler treatments. Rather than having multiple injection sites for one treatment, you can limit yourself to one puncture and then use the microcannula’s flexibility and range to administer even and consistent filler into certain areas.


    Each order of our box of microcannulas provides you with 20 safe, sterilized, and individually-wrapped blunt tip units. Our flexible microcannulas provide you maximum movement and reach to fill in nearby sites around the treatment area without the need to make multiple puncture points. This can minimize the pain and discomfort your patient feels during treatment and can reduce the risk of tissue damage and side effects.


    This model of microcannulas comes in 27 gauge, which is on the thinner side of microcannula tips. This is best for dermal filler products with higher viscosity, allowing for it to pass through the unit with the right consistency for an even application. We also offer microcannulas in different gauges and lengths for less viscous substances like autologous fat and other dermal filler injections. If you’re unsure about which gauge or unit length is best for your aesthetic practice’s needs, contact FACE Med Store for customer support.



    Comes with a pilot needle.


  • Medical Spa Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    This package contains protocols for 23 of the most popular medical aesthetic treatments, including body contouring, injectables, hormone replacement therapy, vaginal rejuvenation and many more. These protocols cover everything from pre-treatment evaluation to post-treatment care, including information about the procedures themselves, contraindications and common adverse reactions. 


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