Accented Manicure Nail Table


    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    A Large, White and Grey Accented Manicure Nail Table


    An essential piece of equipment for professional nail salons, we have extended the single NOVA I Manicure Table to allow two technicians to work their magic simultaneously while helping you save space at only 72.5 inches in length and up to 50% savings of furniture investment for buying 2 single nail tables. This double manicure table features a luxurious marble countertop and sumptuously padded wrist rests.


    Resistant to stains and scratches, there’s no need to worry about spilling acetone on its easy-to-clean surface. The solid frame has been made to last; expertly crafted from premium quality wood that won’t be weathered by seasonal temperature changes or repetitive use. It is complete with multiple storage compartments to offer plenty of space for all the essential tools and products while giving you easy access to provide an efficient and speedy service.


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