23 gauge 50 mm (2 inch) Microcannulas

  • 23 gauge 50 mm (2 inch) Microcannulas

    Sold By: FaceMedStore

    Provide your patients with a better experience by minimizing the pain and discomfort of injections. Microcannulas can help you fill larger areas with dermal fillers, and other aesthetic treatments without the need for multiple injections that trigger pain, bleeding, and inflammation.


    FACE Med Store’s disposable microcannulas feature blunt and flexible tips that make it easier to distribute gels and fluids underneath the skin compared to traditional needle injections. By minimizing the use of sharp injection needles, you can reduce the risk of injury to your patient’s nerves and blood vessels.


    Each box of our high-quality microcannulas contains 20 sterile, individually-packed units. Our 23G cannulas have wider gauges which are best for administering large volumes of less viscous liquids and gels, so these can be used for treatments with larger areas to fill-in.


    At FACE Med Store, we also offer microcannulas in different gauges and needle lengths that can affect the treatment you provide. Choose from our range of microcannulas that can handle the viscosity of your injectables and range needed for your treatment. If you’re unsure about which size or length is best for your aesthetic practice, contact FACE Med Store for customer support.



    Comes with a pilot needle.


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