2-inch cannula tip

  • 22 Gauge 50 mm (2 inch) Microcannulas

    Sold By: FaceMedStore

    By minimizing the pain and discomfort of your injectable aesthetic treatments, you can deliver a better experience that can keep your patients comfortable, satisfied, and loyal to your business. Our microcannulas can help you administer dermal fillers, and many other injectables for different facial and body treatments without the need for repeated injections that can cause discomfort, bleeding, inflammation, and other side effects.


    FACE Med Store offers disposable microcannulas in boxes of 20. Our 22 gauge microcannulas feature a 2-inch cannula tip that can be used for less viscous liquids and gels for facial and body treatments. Each microcannula was made with the highest standards of quality, featuring flexible blunt tips that provide a wider range, efficiency, and performance that can fill in more areas with less time and puncturing necessary.


    Give your patients fast, safe, and visually pleasing results that can increase their satisfaction and build their trust in your practice. By switching from traditional injection treatments to using microcannulas, you can minimize the tissue damage, side effects, and general discomfort associated with minimally-invasive treatments like dermal filler injections for the face and body.


    At FACE Med Store, we offer a wide range of microcannulas available in various gauges and needle lengths. Wider gauges are best for less viscous liquids and gels (such as hyaluronic acid and autologous fat) while longer needles are better for larger treatment areas that need more range. Choose from our microcannulas to find the right one to use for all your available aesthetic treatments. If you’re unsure about which size or length is best for your aesthetic practice, contact FACE Med Store for customer support.



    Comes with a pilot needle.



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