• IV Pole

    The improved Pitch-It IV Pole is perfect for IV therapy in the home or in a healthcare setting. It is cost-effective, portable, adjustable, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use.


    The Pitch-It IV Pole is ready for use in just seconds with an innovative tripod design. The Pitch-It IV Pole eliminates the retrieval, cleaning, bagging, and tagging of old IV poles with a unique recyclable design.


    Simply use and pitch the pole when therapy is completed. No assembly required, and shipping costs are much lower than traditional IV poles


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    A Comfortable, Modern Salon Styling Chair with Hydraulic Pump


    The Richardson Styling Salon Chair by Berkeley is the perfect chair for beauty salons. It has been called easy to adjust, the right height to work from, sturdy, and most importantly: comfortable for clients! The square style looks great with many salon decors and is available in white and black. With ground shipping and any available promotions, we’re confident this hair salon styling chair is the best value for smart salon owners. Perfect as a salon chair, styling chair, barber chair, or tattoo chair.


    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    Everything you need to be the best version of your stylist self will stay organized and accessible with the Wall Mount Appliance Holder. Sturdy grommets allow you to hang this attractive, hammered tone powder coated piece on the wall by your station or in a centralized location in smaller salons. There is room for a flat iron, multiple curling irons and a dryer. The sleek design of this piece makes it unobtrusive, so it doesn’t distract from the luxurious experience of a cut, color or style.


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