Red Biohazard Waste Bag

  • Universal Precaution Compliance Kit

    Safetec Universal Precaution Compliance Kit is designed for body fluid clean up. Ideal for blood, urine, vomit and feces clean up. Made to comply with OSHA guidelines for safe fluid clean ups. The Safetec precaution kit includes bodily protection gear, as well as Red Z solidifier for safe, easy clean up.


    Safetec Universal Precaution Compliance Kit is a complete spill kit that contains, protects and isolates potentially infectious spills for fast, safe clean up. Protect yourself, your staff and your family from accidental spills. Simply put on the disposable gloves and protective attire (supplied, or otherwise), sprinkle Red-Z over the spill area to solidify the liquid, and carefully scoop up and dispose of the material in the supplied red biohazard bag, along with your protective gear.


    Brand: Safetec of America
    Product Number: 17100

    $12.99 $11.69

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