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  • Spa Numa SWIVEL DELUXE 4 Motor Electric Treatment Chair Bed with Built-In Foot Pedals – Available in 5 Colors

    SPA NUMA SWIVEL DELUXE 4 Motor Electric Treatment Chair

    This treatment chair is perfect for any esthetic procedures, pre- or post-op evaluations, outpatient surgeries and fat-reduction procedures. It is one of the most versatile treatment chairs on the market. It is also a very comfortable chair to be in for extended periods of time.

    There are 4 motors that control the height, backrest, leg-rest and seat inclination. The chair can sit at a 90° angle and can also lay flat. The armrests are reversible, and the headrest can be extended. The headrest also has a removable cushion that reveals a facial hole. Try infinite position possibilities with full 120° rotation.

    A feature that sets this bed apart from the competition is toggle switches on the right side of the bed and on the back. These switches control all 4 power functions.

    In addition, there’s a reset button on the back that brings the chair to a seated position without having to hold down any buttons. So, when the doctor, nurse or esthetician is working, they don’t need to fumble around with a remote control. Plus, there are 3 sets of foot pedals on each side of the bed to control the height, backrest and leg-rest.

    The pedals are built into the bed base, making it easy to control the functions from either side. Note, the tilt function of the chair is NOT controlled by the pedals. There’s a “Lock” button on the side for sensitive procedures to avoid inadvertently moving the bed in case you hit the pedals or switches.


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