eyelash glue

  • Glue Storage Container

    Sold By: Advance Lashes
    • Stores your eyelash extension glue properly
    • Fully protects adhesive from humidity
    • With special design of the lid, much of the air is squeezed out when you press down the lid, creating vacuum seal
    • It will protect the adhesive from direct light
    • Fits 3-5 adhesives depending on bottle shape and size
  • Glue Shaker

    Sold By: Advance Lashes
    • Wakes up Glue in 10 secs
    • Can be used to shake nails Polish and clean Brush
    • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Cluster Lash Glue – #1E

    Sold By: Advance Lashes



    We are proud that we are an authority seller of #1 eyelash extension adhesive glue


    Please be advised that you are buying #1 Premium Glue, not the regular that is selling online for lower price.


    Our pharmaceutical adhesive is manufactured in the USA with stringent safety standards and formulated without harsh chemicals. The adhesive dries black, so it blends seamlessly into your natural lashes.


    #1 Adhesive Bonding Glue Benefit:

    • Color: Black
    • Size: 0.34oz
    • Self life 1 year
    • Odorless, fume-less and non-irritation
    • Bonding up to 3 months if apply properly and fill in between every 2-3 weeks.
    • Light weight
    • Can be contacted water after 2 hours
    • More than 100 applications per bottle
    • Dry quick helps shorten application time



    Alky cyanoacrylate



    – Prevent contact direct with eyes. If redness occurs, flush eyes with plenty of water and contact a physician.

    – Keep product in cool dry place. Avoid direct sun light and heat. Close cap tied after each use to avoid drying.

    – Recommended for experienced technicians who would like to expedite their application time.

    – Keep out of reach of children.


    Made in USA

  • A+ Strong Adhesive

    Sold By: Advance Lashes
    • LONG LASTING AND EXTRA STRONG:  extremely strong with the longest retention period on the market of semi-permanent eyelash extension glue. Our glue lasts up to 5-7weeks.
    • QUICK DRY TIME:  2-3 seconds. This adhesive is ideal for individual eyelash extension and can be used by PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIANS ONLY!
    • SEALED PACKAGE WITH GLUE NEDDLE: We packed the glue in the safe sealed package with silica gel where air and moisture can’t get in to the bottle and it helps to extends the life of the adhesive.
    • Humidity : 50-65%
    • 5 ML


  • C-Glue (Z-01) 10 mL

    Sold By: Advance Lashes
    • Classic elite black adhesive is made for professionals only and is recommended for intermediate and experienced lash artists, offering a high speed drying time of 1-1.5 seconds, long lasting adhesion, safety, and flexibility.
    • STRONG HOLD QUICK DRY FORMULA – This formula creates a premium bond lasting up to 6-8 weeks, allowing your clients to enjoy their classic lash extensions longer. This glue gives you up to 1-1.5 seconds before curing.
    • Made in Korea
  • Primer

    Sold By: Advance Lashes
    • Advance Lash care Primer- 15ML
    • This primer is used to prep and disinfect the natural lashes.
    • It strips off any trace of protein, dirt, oil, make-up on the real lashes.
    • This will help the extensions to bond & adhere to the natural lashes better.
    • Use immediately prior to application with micro brush to clean lashes. (micro brushes also sold in our store)
    • Clients eyes should be closed when applying primer.

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