• Transcend Pluri Peel – 4oz Glycolic Acid Peel

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop

    Transcend Pluri Peel – 4oz Glycolic Acid Peel

    Does your practice offer chemical peels?
    Of course it does! That’s like asking, “does your practice like to make money?”
    The average cost per treatment for AHA peels is $125. This data point is taken directly from RealSelf.com, (note: it has a 100% “worth it rating” too, that’s unheard of).
    You should be able to get about 35 treatments out of a 4oz bottle. If my math is right (and it never is, so you should check my work), that’s $4,375 in revenue per bottle!
    Spend $129 to earn $4,375… no brainer!
    You just better hope your clients don’t find this page and buy it for themselves…
    Just kidding, this product is for professional use only.

  • Pumpkin Enzyme Mask 1.7 oz

    Dual action scrub-in mask for gentle skin renewal

    • Sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal healthy, beautiful skin.
    • Instantly revitalizes skin with a youthful, refreshed glow.
    • Detoxifies and helps draw out impurities and toxins from skin.
    • Helps to combat environmental stressors.
    • Hydrates and softens skin.
    • Has a rich pumpkin scent that delivers a sensorial experience.
    • 1.7 oz / 48 g tube

    Who Benefits? All skin types, especially those interested in gentle weekly exfoliation

  • Lotus Scrub

    Sold By: AlumierMD

    A mechanical exfoliating scrub designed to smooth, refine and improve skin tone.


    Skin Conditions: Discoloration | Aging


    Lotus Scrub uses lotus seed powder and microcrystalline cellulose, unique natural biodegradable exfoliating agents that are smooth and spherical. These agents create even and gentle exfoliation to remove impurities and reveal healthy, more radiant skin.


    120 mL /4 fl oz e

  • Ageless Skin Brightening Serum

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop

    We have upgrades our serum line. We are now carrying Truth Treatment Systems serums. Please give us a call today for more information. *


    Directions: Post Exfoliation. Apply with a serum based skin resurfacing device for skin brightening.

    Ingredients: DI Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, Glycolic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Allantoin, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Ascorbic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hyrdroxide, Disodium EDTA

    8 oz Bottle

  • Paraffin Treatments: Face and Décolleté

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop

    With its ability to increase the skin’s blood flow, hydrate, and penetrate product, paraffin is ideal for use in facials. Award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, Rita Page, demonstrates how to use facial paraffin wax (with brush and gauze) and paraffin strips on the face and décolleté, as part of a complete facial. Indications and contraindications are included. The facial includes: client consultation, cleansing/toning, facial massage, exfoliation with gommage, ampoule and cream application, shoulder and neck massage, paraffin application, day protection cream application, and post-treatment consultation. (1 Hr. 21 Mins.)

    Received 2006 Silver Davey Award

  • Men’s Facial Techniques

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop


    Rita Page, an award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, demonstrates a complete professional facial tailored specifically for male clients using a combination of an 8-in-1 facial equipment machine and traditional techniques. Rita begins with a client consultation (including questions about shaving habits) and a skin analysis using a magnifying lamp, Wood’s lamp, and skin scope. She then illustrates the proper use of a steamer (with and without ozone), galvanic current, high frequency current, rotary brush, and Lucas spray, in conjunction with deep pore cleansing, exfoliation (with gommage), desincrustation, extractions, ampoules, and treatment masks. Rita offers valuable information on each procedure she performs. She also highlights the personal touch throughout, incorporating an extensive facial massage, aromatherapy, and hot towel wrap to ensure relaxation and enhance a client’s experience. She concludes with a post-treatment consultation. (2 Hrs. 18 Mins.)

    Received 2007 Silver Davey Award; Featured on American Spa’s Blog, Sept. 2011; Worth a Look in Dermascope, Jan. 2011; Featured in Northwest, California, Colorado, and Ohio Stylist & Salon, May 2006; Reviewed in Dermascope, Oct. 2005




  • European Facials, Vol. 2

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop


    Award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, Rita Page, demonstrates the steps of a thorough European facial. Part of a comprehensive three-part series, Vol. 2 continues the facial begun in Vol. 1. Rita delves into exfoliation (with an enzyme); desincrustation; an extensive essential oil massage on the neck, shoulder, décolleté, and upper arms; extractions (with cotton and extractor); treatment ampoule and cream application; and a product-penetrating facial massage. Massage, an important component of a European facial, is used for application of product as well as a luxurious treatment that completes the spa experience. (1 Hr. 36 Mins.)

    Received 2007 Silver Davey Award; Received 2006 Silver Summit Award; Featured in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, Jan. 2007




  • Paraffin Treatments: Hands, Feet & Back

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop


    Feel the heat with the hottest product on the market: paraffin. Award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, Rita Page, demonstrates how to use paraffin on the hands and feet by dipping, or applying while a client is lying down by using plastic bags. For the back and arms, she shows how to brush on layers of paraffin wax over gauze and to apply paraffin strips. Rita also demonstrates cleansing, exfoliation (with sea salt and gommage), treatment cream application, and hand and foot massage. Indications and contraindications are included. (2 Hrs. 15 Mins.)

    Received 2006 Gold Davey Award; Featured in Massage Magazine, Oct. 2006




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