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Carlsbad, CA (May 23, 2023) – Colorescience®, a leading dermatologist-recommended specialty skincare company announces the launch of their exciting new sun care innovation, Total Protection No-Show Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen. This revolutionary all-mineral sunscreen dispenses white, then dries completely sheer, leaving skin hydrated and natural-looking. The first of its kind patent-pending non-nano zinc oxide combines careful control over particle size distribution with superior stabilization of those particles, made possible by a unique coating that helps to enhance the SPF’s dispersion performance. The result is a highly efficient, all-mineral, untinted sunscreen that leaves no white cast for a wide range of skin types and tones.

“Many of the skin concerns patients come to see me for are related to or exacerbated by exposure to the sun,” says Board-Certified Dermatologist, Jeanine B. Downie, MD, FAAD, Director, Image Dermatology PC. “Daily sunscreen use and reapplication throughout the day is non-negotiable for my patients. I wear and recommend the Colorescience® all-mineral formulas because they are great for those with sensitive skin, but until now there has not been an option with a high SPF that is truly sheer and wearable. I have recommended Colorescience® products for over ten years and I had the opportunity to be one of the first to try No-Show Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50. It absolutely delivers on being sheer and lightweight – it blends into most skin types, with no dreaded white cast.”

Dean Vistnes, MD, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director, and Co-Founder, SkinSpirit also noted, “At SkinSpirit we tell all our patients that sunscreen is essential to protecting and enhancing their treatment results. We prefer all-mineral formulas but until now patients have struggled with white cast and the heaviness that often comes with them, especially untinted options. I am confident that patients– men and women alike – will want to wear No-Show Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50, not only because it is impressively sheer and white-cast free, compared to even the most popular options available, but it also provides high SPF and water resistance. The cosmetic appeal and performance together are something I haven’t seen before in a mineral formula.” 

This ultra-lightweight formula also provides skin-quenching hydration that leaves skin feeling soft while proprietary EnviroScreen® Technology provides Total Protection® from environmental aggressors such as UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light, and infrared radiation (IR).

Patricia Boland, VP of Research and Development at Colorescience®, commented, “White cast has long been the ultimate challenge with untinted all-mineral sunscreens. Most importantly, we know that a compromised aesthetic can mean leaving skin unprotected, particularly for more melanin-rich skin. Because of this, developing a true solution has been a personal mission for me and all of us at Colorescience. After three years of development, I am so proud that No-Show Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 delivers protection in a weightless formula that truly provides an optimal, sheer aesthetic for a wide range of skin types and tones. We are hopeful that this becomes the solution so many have been searching for and that it allows more people to protect their skin with confidence every day.”

Additional key benefits include: 
• Water/sweat-resistant for up to 40 minutes
• Untinted formula that’s ideal for the whole family
• Proven protection from the formation of free radicals
• Free of all chemical active ingredients 
• Hypoallergenic, oil-free, non-comedogenic, non-greasy
• Fragrance-free
• Layers well under makeup

Colorescience, the leading innovators in all-mineral sun protection, delivers transformational skincare solutions through wearable multifunctional products that provide immediate confidence and long-term visible results. Crafted for users who know that great results require daily skincare and protection, Colorescience uses cutting-edge technology and clinically tested formulas to ensure efficacy and provide reassurance to people of all ages, skin types, and concerns. Colorescience products speak for themselves through their wearability, published clinical studies, and skin-healthy ingredients.

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