Stands over 6 feet tall at 75"


    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    A Rotating Nail Salon Polish Rack to Show Off your Colors


    The Nova I 360 Degree Swivel polish display shelf is perfect for salons, spas, and retail locations looking to maximize their counter space without sacrificing style. The white background with clear acrylic lip of the Nova I is the perfect way to show the vividness of polish colors, while featuring a substantial amount of compartments to keep products safe and out of sight during peak hours.


    In addition to the rotating nail polish rack, there is also a locking cabinet below for additional storage. In terms of its looks and functionality, this nail polish display shelf can complement any interior due to its sheer versatility. The Nova I 360 Degree Swivel Nail Polish Display Shelf stands over 6 feet tall and features a rotating center (47″) of 11 shelves, allowing you to display over 475 color choices. The shelves are approximately 3.5″ in height and 1.5″ deep.


    The Nova I is easy to maintain since the materials used to build it are unaffected by the weather and treatments that commonly cause damage in older wooden salon furniture pieces. This polish display case is an important step towards improving your client’s experience, which should never be overlooked or taken for granted. This fixture’s materials are acetone and scratch resistant.


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