• Mountain Ice #1 Skin Repair Cream

    Our Patented SK-INFLUX® V MB Skin-identical formula helps restore the skin’s protective barrier structure by filling gaps in the lipid bi-layer with skin-identical ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids.The second Patented technology in the formula is Soline® BIO is a moisturizer that offers a dual activity by activating PPARα receptor: lipid-replenishing and soothing.

    After a single application, Soline® BIO at 2% provides 24 hours hydration (clinical study). Moreover, the synthesis of epidermal key lipids is stimulated, in order to strengthen the intercorneocyte cement (Ceramides 1 & 2 and Cerebrosides). We have seen amazing results unlike any other cream on the market.

    $15.00$20.00( Wholesale: $12.00 )

    Mountain Ice #1 Skin Repair Cream

    $15.00$20.00( Wholesale: $12.00 ) Add to cart

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