• FADED – CBD + Arnica Post Injection & Surgery Treatment

    Say goodbye to post-treatment discomfort with FADED!

    Injector and Injectees, Med Spa Owners and Wellness Centers this is your solution to post-treatment recovery. FADED was created out of a necessity to reduce post-injection bruising, inflammation and pain.  You know that regardless how great of an injector you have some people bruise, filler causes inflammation and, as you experienced the last time you had your lips “treated” 😉 lips swell, bruise, and are tender, post injections.

  • Mountain Ice #1 Skin Repair Cream

    Our Patented SK-INFLUX® V MB Skin-identical formula helps restore the skin’s protective barrier structure by filling gaps in the lipid bi-layer with skin-identical ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids.The second Patented technology in the formula is Soline® BIO is a moisturizer that offers a dual activity by activating PPARα receptor: lipid-replenishing and soothing.

    After a single application, Soline® BIO at 2% provides 24 hours hydration (clinical study). Moreover, the synthesis of epidermal key lipids is stimulated, in order to strengthen the intercorneocyte cement (Ceramides 1 & 2 and Cerebrosides). We have seen amazing results unlike any other cream on the market.

    $15.00$20.00( Wholesale: $12.00 )

    Mountain Ice #1 Skin Repair Cream

    $15.00$20.00( Wholesale: $12.00 ) Add to cart

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