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I founded The Aesthetic Vault after my own medical spa closed abruptly.  Many consultants tell you what they think you need to do to make your business successful, but have never run an aesthetic practice. I analyzed my successes – and my failures – to identify how I could help other aesthetic businesses avoid some of the same mistakes I made.  While I had industry expertise and product knowledge, I did not have experience actually running a business and this lack of financial and operational knowledge led to me trusting a partner who took everything from me.  On the positive side, I had many successes while owning my medical spa.  I grew my business from $0 to $70,000 a month in the first ten months, hired and trained an amazing and successful staff, and built a medical spa that patients loved to visit for education and treatments.  My patients felt safe and cared for, like they were going to their best friend’s home.

Before opening my own medical spa, I had  more than a decade of successful work experience in the aesthetic industry.  I supported aesthetic businesses selling Allergan’s line of aesthetic injectable products, then transitioned into the device industry with Zeltiq, selling CoolSculpting.   In both of these positions, I worked with medical spas, plastic surgeons and dermatology offices in the states of Kansas and Missouri and helped practices achieve their goals.  Over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to learn product lines and services available to aesthetic practices in the US.  Now with my owning a med spa experience meshed with industry expertise, I am able to train staff members on procedures, front and back office operational excellence and how to evaluate the practice from client’s point of view. I have gathered a tremendous amount of information and gathered it all in one place.  My vast expertise gives me the edge needed to build and maintain profitable and successful business practices and that knowledge will continue to evolve as trends expand and change.

I want to share everything I have learned over the last decade; the good, the  bad and the ugly, along with what I continue to learn and find along the way. I want you to learn from my mistakes and my wins.  After consulting with several clients I realized that there was not a central location to gather the information you need to run, grow, build or open an aesthetic practice. There is a ton of time spent researching, looking for and trying to find what you need and still at times you come up empty handed. I wanted to create a platform that is helpful for ALL aesthetic practices, old and new. There is no need to throw darts and hope you hit the bullseye of success! Use The Aesthetic Vault to help you save time, save money and solve problems. The Aesthetic Vault is the playbook to your aesthetic business success. I would love to be on your aesthetic journey with you!