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Skytale Group

  • 5851 Legacy Cir, Suite 600 Plano, Texas, United States (US)
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Vendor Biography

The story of Skytale Group starts with ancient Greeks and Spartans, who used a cipher called a skytale to send and decode cryptic military messages.

Of course, we know we’re not in the business of war strategy and communication, but we also understand that the language of financial advising, M&A, consulting, and business operations can all sound quite…Greek.

That’s why we formed Skytale Group. As small business owners and service providers, you know your industries best. But we hold the cipher that translates day-to-day operations, financial decision making, and overall strategy into the language of growth, attainable goals, and maximum company value.

Our partnership and process came together with the intention of cracking the code for our clients in order to provide them a clear and winning strategy. We knew we couldn’t do that without a team of experienced financial and business experts who were dedicated to earning the trust of our clients, forming strong alliances, and creating strategies and outcomes that were truly aligned to each client’s unique goals and strengths. Our Skytale team is committed to four core values: integrity, excellence, teamwork, and fun.

You might wonder how financial and strategic consulting can be fun. Let us ask you this: have you ever used a cipher to decode a secret message?

Skytale Group: Deciphering Complexity Into Clarity.