KA Ring Designs

KA Ring Designs

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We’re all about keeping it practical. Our focus is on creating tools that fit seamlessly into your everyday workflow.  We want to enable you to work safer and more efficient. These aspiration rings? They’re not just tools; they’re our way of making patient safety a bit more straightforward for everyone in the aesthetic game.

We’re all about empowering medical professionals, aesthetic nurses, and med spa owners with practical solutions. With a solid nursing background and a soft spot for smart design, we’re here to bring a bit of ease and safety to the world of aesthetic medicine.

So, let’s keep it real and practical together. Join us in making aesthetic procedures safer and more straightforward, step by step. It’s about creating a future where precision meets practicality, and where patient safety is a given.


David E. King BSN RN

CEO, Founder

Alyssa Hoover

COO, Founder