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Video Production

At Sona, one of our unique specialties is video content; we produce branded, corporate, beauty, and injection content for any size or budget. We have been producing live stage events for the last 8 years for large aesthetic companies. We also have the capabilities to do live webcast for 10-1000+ viewers.There is no better method of patient or professional communication than a well-done video. Websites that feature videos earn higher page rankings. Sales reps need and want active collateral to help with their sales presentations. Video will communicate your message and increase brand awareness – quickly and effectively.

B&A Photo Rooms for Aesthetic Practice

B and A Pros is a clinical photography consultation group that customizes the perfect photo booth for your office space and needs. We focus on achieving the highest quality photos within the space provided and minimal steps for the staff to follow during a patient photo session. 
Each system is installed in one day and around 1 hour of staff training to get things rolling.
Rooms are installed by a  professional photographer with over 1000 B&A patients photographed and years of mechanical design and engineering experience, we are confident we can design a custom photo booth for just about any practice in any space. 

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