Liftie Aspirator

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The world's softest and first disposable aspirator. Aspirating should be as comfortable as possible in order for the injector to be as safe as possible. No more finger fatigue using clunky hardware or plastic! This invention makes aspirating so much easier, so you can focus more on technique and your patient. The straps are adjustable to fit any size finger as tight as you like for ensured security. It also allows you as the injector to remove the straps to put your syringe down, in case you need to (massage your patient, step out of the room, change your needle, etc.) and simply pick the syringe back up with Liftie still securely attached to pick up where you left off injecting your patient. When you are finished injecting your patient simply dispose in your sharps container still attached to your syringe, it's that simple!

Happy Injecting!

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