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It’s three women who are often referred to as “THE TRIO”. This concept developed by Tanya Patron, PA-C, an injection specialist and aesthetic educator, Melissa White, her MA and creative connoisseur, alongside Jessica Levi, THE marketing genius. After spending their days working in plastic surgery and medical spa practices throughout Miami, they became tired of wearing the same old scrubs.

The traditional Casual Friday boredom had officially set in. They suddenly found themselves Aesthetically Speaking about the lack of casual wear in the industry. They decided to take Casual Friday to the BEST level by creating an industry focused T-shirt and accessory company keeping injectors, aestheticians and staff alike, inspired and having fun in the work place. With the overwhelming amount of social media bombarding patients about aesthetic treatments, they wanted to create a casual brand to set apart the specialists in the industry by sparking exciting conversations between the providers, medical staff, and their patients (or when out to lunch, potential patients). Their goals were simple. Connecting people with passion, sharing the power of knowledge in the industry, and making aesthetics safer, is what they strive for.

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