Flawless Brightening Complex **LIMITED TIME 15% OFF**

$ 15.30

Limited Time 15% OFF (originally $18.00)

Reveal lighter, brighter, and more even looking skin in less than 3 weeks! Our leading-edge natural lighteners and bio-mimetic peptides stop the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that triggers the production of brown pigmentation (melanin). 

Having a professional skincare treatment performed? When used 2-4 weeks pre and post treatment, our Brightening Complex will enhance the benefits of chemical peels, IPL, laser and microneedle therapy. 

All our products are Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Gluten-free and Synthetic Fragrance-free

Indications: Normal, oily, brown spots (hyperpigmentation), sun damage, redness, melasma 

Alpha-Arbutin– Extracted from the bearberry plant, Arbutin naturally prevents the formation of melanin while inhibiting tyrosinase (translation: preventing the formation of brown spots.)

Kojic Acid– A powerful anti-aging constituant, Kojic acid has been shown to reverse and lighten sun damage, scarring and age spots.

Tyrostat™ (Rumex Occidentalis Extract)– Derived from a plant native to the northern Canadian prairies, Tyrostat slows down the activity of tyrosinase to treat different forms of hyperpigmentation. Even better, Tyrostat is as effective in treating melasma as hydroquinone, but without hydroquinone’s numerous side effects.

Melanosatine®-5 Biomimetic Peptide– This leading-edge peptide constituant is effective in reducing the formation of unwanted pigmentation and brown spots, allowing you greater control and optimization of skin tone.

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