Micro-Bonded lubrication

  • 0.3 cc Ultra Fine Syringe 31 gauge with 1/2 unit markings – Box of 100 (BD)

    Sold By: FACE Med Store

    Insulin syringes are a must-have in medical centers and in the homes of those with diabetes. To ensure that each dose of insulin is done safely, correctly, and with sterile tools, ensure that you’re working with the right supplies, including disposable supplies like disposable syringes.


    We provide BD Ultra Fine Insulin Syringes that offer precision and efficiency. These syringes are an affordable quality solution for your compliance and the safety of you or your patients.


    FACE Med Store also offers other insulin syringes with different brands and insulin capacities. Use the syringe with the correct insulin capacity needed per shot to maintain your blood sugar control. If you’re a patient or a caregiver and aren’t sure about which syringe and insulin capacity to choose, contact your medical provider or send us a message, and the FACE Med Store team can provide you with customer support.

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