High Density Inner Foam


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    A Versatile Stool that is Great for Manicure Technicians


    Are you looking for a high-quality, stylish and comfortable salon stool? The TOTO Salon Technician Stool was designed to satisfy all of these requirements. This stool puts you at just the right height to create perfect manicures with 6.5″ adjustability. The TOTO has dense seat cushioning to keep your spine in proper form while giving you comfort for the duration of the appointment.

    The five wheels make it easy to scoot closer to your client or to slide around the salon. This stool is built to last with a solid steel construction and acetone resistant vinyl cushions to prevent spills or drips from ruining the stool. It is also built to impress with chrome accents and stylish cross stitching. Choose from eight different colors including our newest addition to the TOTO salon stool color line: Pink Cream. For a perfect pedi stool pair, check out the UMI Pedicure Salon Stool. 


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