Gold Facial Vibrating tool for Injectables

  • Gold Facial Vibrating tool for Injectables

    Sold By: FACE Med Store

    While Botox treatments have rapidly become the favored option for non-invasive injectable treatments for facial rejuvenation, that doesn’t mean they’re completely painless. For patients with sensitive skin or those unused to the procedure, even an injection can be surprisingly painful. Fortunately, using facial vibrating tools can help mitigate the pain.


    FACE Med Store provides tools like the Gold Facial Vibrating Tool For Injectables to help patients and providers alike to have a better experience with injectable treatments. Compatible with Botox, dermal filler, and other procedures that require needlepoint injection, we make sure to help you conduct your injections smoothly and efficiently.


    At FACE Med Store, we offer medical-grade products needed for everyday users and practices looking for quality supplies at competitive costs. For other skin care treatments and instruments, check out our other products:


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