general exfoliation

  • Tips – Blue for exfoliation – Bag of 15

    Sold By: FACE Med Store

    HydraFacial Machines are sold separately.


    HydraFacial machines are a versatile tool to have in any aesthetic center. With its various functions and tools, you can provide your patients with a number of non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments that are tailored to their skin condition. Each session offers a quick and comfortable experience that can treat a number of stubborn areas that can affect your patient’s overall appearance. However, providing the right kind of treatment means having the right exfoliation needle tip to deliver the best results from your HydraFacial treatment.


    The HydraFacial’s blue tips are used for less intensive exfoliation compared to more aggressive types like the purple and orange tips. This is best for patients with normal and sensitive skin types, though it can work on any skin type for patients that want a general exfoliating cleanse that doesn’t irritate their skin.


    Each pack from FACE Med Store provides you with 15 blue needle tips. Check out our other needle tip products for different HydraFacial treatments:

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