Blood Draw Needle Holder (Vacutainer) – Bag of 100

  • Blood Draw Needle Holder (Vacutainer) – Bag of 100

    Sold By: FACE Med Store

    Blood extractions are a necessary service for both medical and aesthetic practices. But to ensure a smooth extraction that maximizes efficiency and minimizes the time needed to get a blood sample, you’ll want to work with accessories built for performance and durability. 


    FACE Med Store offers BD Vacutainer’s blood draw needle holders. These polypropylene holders allow for efficient extraction of blood from the patient using the BD Vacutainer’s blood collection system and getting them into the appropriate blood collection tubes. By streamlining the process and minimizing the steps needed to draw blood, you can minimize waiting times, improve performance, and reduce risks such as blood sample contamination. 


    At FACE Med Store, we offer medical-grade products needed for everyday users and practices looking for quality supplies at competitive costs. For other blood extraction tools, check out our other products:


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