• TinySoft – NanoSoft Microneedles – 34g – 3 pin – box of 30

    Sold By: FaceMedStore

    Each box contains 30 pieces.


    Microneedling services can help shed your client’s old and dull skin cells while bringing forward skin rejuvenation and health. But to give your clients a safe, effective and comfortable experience, it starts with choosing the right set of needles to work with. FACE Med Store offers Vesta TinySoft Microneedles are ultra-thin needles that provide a safe and sterilized procedure while minimizing the pain and discomfort for your clients’ microneedling experience.


    The TinySoft Microneedles from Vesta, a manufacturer for aesthetic medicine supplies and products, is used for any intradermal injection procedures and can be used to perform microneedling treatments while also administering serums into the microchannels using a syringe attached to your Vesta TinySoft Microneedle unit. These one-use microneedling units ensure that every microneedling treatment is done with sterile, sharp, and ultra-thin needles that can effectively trigger your client’s collagen production while adding beneficial serums like hyaluronic acid or other related products.

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