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  • APX Platform [by Terri Ross]

    The solution-based business intelligence platform for aesthetic practices.

    APX Platform is a business intelligence, employee education, training, and data analytics platform built on three pillars: Training, Analytics and Community. APX Platform combines the three into one easy-to-use solution that optimizes employee productivity via on-demand Sales, Finance, and Operations training courses; translates practice management data into actionable KPIs via financial calculator templates that tell you what’s working, what’s not, and where changes should be made that will increase revenue and practice efficiency.  In addition, APX platform includes KPI financial dashboards, marketing analytics, and industry benchmarking data as well as provides ongoing business coaching, mentorship, and master classes via live workshop sessions with Terri Ross and her team.


     Enroll your team in training modules with proven methods.

     Keep a pulse on your most important KPIs and business metrics.

     Implement key tactics to fuel revenue growth and scalability.
    $9,997.00 for 1 year

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