LED Color Light in Bowl


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    A Modern & Elegant Pedicure Chair Design with LED Color Light in Bowl


    Looking to upgrade your salon with a modern and elegant piece of excellent craftsmanship, our NEW FX Massage Chair is for you! This new design that was designed and manufactured in Taiwan is a breath of fresh air for pedicure spa massage chairs, with an assortment of new features to improve your quality of life dramatically, along with the experience for your customers! The FX chair comes with several improvements over our other models, such as a built-in purse hook, a UV coating that improve its acetone AND scratch resistance, and a “Restore” feature that allows for a much easier cleaning and closing process! 


    • Range of massage options to choose from, including Tapping, Kneading, Knocking and combination


    • Large Range of Massage on the Clients Back, from Lower Back to Upper Shoulder with the Option to Lock into place or on a small Area for Focused Massage. 


    • Embedded Remote on the Right Armrest for Low Profile Control 


    • Smooth and Reliable Front/Back Movement with Range of 6 Inches


    • Acetone & Scratch Resistant Cover Set and Body, Ensuring Long Time Use


    • Reclining Back with A Range of 105-130 Degrees


    • Patent Pending “Pistol” Armrest That Allows For Ease of Movement, While Also Resting in Any Position


    • Built-in Transformer Allows Chair to be used Worldwide with appropriate socket adapters.


    •  6 Different Colors of Cushion Cover Sets Available for Choose: White, Black, Cappuccino, Coffee, Chocolate and Grey


    • Option to upgrade with Discharge Pump, Autofill, Air Vent, or Free Pedicure Stool

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