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Contours Rx

Where Science Meets Beauty

Contours Rx® is the #1 brand of non-surgical cosmetics because of our innovative products that look and feel like skin. Using state-of-the-art non-surgical beauty enhancement technology, our products can safely and instantly remove years from your appearance for your next big event or every day.

Our revolutionary products like LIDS BY DESIGN® and NECK RESCUE are the first products of their kind to be available in cosmetic surgeon and medical offices. Now you can achieve instant results that become translucent on most skin tones. Watch our skin-like technology become invisible upon contact and provide a comfortable, easy-to-use experience that women and men of all ages can enjoy.

About Britain Todd, CEO


Britain Todd

“My passion is to help people see themselves in their best light, every day.”

“When I was in my 40’s, I decided it was finally time to see if anything could be done about my sagging eyelids, which were prematurely aging me and impacting my vision. When I went in for the consultation, the surgeon took a pencil to my eyelid to roll the skin up and said, “We can cut some off, when do you want to come in?” The ambiguity of what I was going to look like after the surgery frightened me. I saw two problems with my experience: Why didn’t the surgeon have a more accurate tool that would allow me to see the after result before going under the knife and why wasn’t there a non-surgical solution to this problem? Contours Rx was born not too long after that consultation and we’ve carved out a space for ourselves in the beauty, medical, and optometry industries. To me, being a successful entrepreneur is about seeing how many other people I can help–help to feel more confident, happy, and successful in themselves. Our products do just that.”

LIDS BY DESIGN is the best there is.


We tried every eyelid strip on the market and this is what we found…

Made in China X X X Made in Germany
Hours Lasted 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours All Day
Hypoallergenic X X
Latex-Free X
Medical-Grade X X
Blends in with the skin X
One-Step Application X X X
Price $29.99 $3.96 $26.00 $25.00
Quantity 60 120 32 80

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